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F.A.Y.N. is a short but playful book on the art of seeking happiness within.
»Always go with your heart, because your heart knows your most authentic self, and your most authentic self is the key to the happiness you seek. « – M. Monrue






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One warm March afternoon, I was sitting out in front of the house, together with a group of beautiful people, and we were looking for a word that best describes the moment when a person manages to break out of his sleepy state into one that is fully awakened and passionate in his own existence. Because we wanted that word to spread around the world, we started brainstorming, and the result was that words just seemed to find their way onto the piece of paper right in front of us. There were a lot of them, but when you allow intuition to lead you, certain things tend to be seen more clearly than others. And so, the words Freedom, Awakening, Yourself and Now appeared before us; Freedom is Awakening of the Self. Now. The acronym F.A.Y.N. was born and immediately wanted to be explained in more detail. But, in order to be able to explain it, first I had to live it. And so, when I began to explore its meaning in my own life, I discovered that slowly, but surely, a new book was writing itself. A book about why F.A.Y.N. is the most important word you will ever hear and adopt into your life.

This is a short but playful book that will kindly guide you to your deepest self. Be not afraid. F.A.Y.N. is my new philosophy of having fun while digging deep into your unique truth.

»It's amazing that someone so young can create something so good.« - Tadej Toš, comedian & actor
»Masterpiece.« - Tešky, event organizer & manager
»I couldn't stop reading this book until I finished it. And I would read it more!« - Nataša Prograr, Sacret Life Content Manager
»A concise book with the power to move you further, if you are ready to go.« - Andraž Vrenko, Entrepreneur
»Heartfelt. Exceptional. Just right!« - Rene Volker, comedian & whistler