Awakening Her

Awakening Her – the first book of its kind. It includes hints of philosophy, psychology, and everyday life to help men give women the love they need to blossom in their femininity.

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I must admit that it took a while to transform my numerous notes, observations, and readings into a book. Many of you may wonder where all my knowledge comes from. To be honest, the sources for the content of this book are somewhat inexplicable. But intuition is the closest explanation, so I proudly say this is an intuitive book.

As I began writing, ideas found their way into my head, intertwining with ideas that were there to start with. The book is a combination of my own experience and the experience of people who have shared their stories with me. And the knowledge I gained from reading existing bestsellers about relationships includes findings from experts and researchers on male and female relationships worldwide. Awakening Her is a result of the world around me. Ideas and information appeared in my mind and forced their way into this book. At times, writing this book was like walking along an unknown path and confronting life lessons. It took a lot of effort to capture those lessons on paper and to organize them into the combination of philosophy, psychology, and everyday life that this book represents.

»Superbe! Amusing explanations, and painfully honest guidance! I love this book!« – Zvezdana Mlakar, Actress & TV host, Slovenia 
»Awakening Her will wow you with its truth and make you think about its messages. Highly recommended!« – Dejan Zavec, World Boxing Champion, Slovenia
»The book was carefully written and is easy to read. Once you pick it up, you will have to finish it. It is a 'must-read' for both: young men that lack experience in the area of romance and experienced men that have forgotten how simple love can be.« – Uros Perich, Singer & Songwriter, Slovenia  
»My first reaction after hearing about the book was: "Why another book on relationships, and why for man; we men know everything – it's women who need to learn". Have you recognized yourself at least a little bit in these words? Do you know we are both wrong? Read this book, and you will know for sure. Read this book if you are a man and she will be happy. Read it, also, if you are a woman, and you will help him to understand.« – Andrej Težak – Tešky, Stand-Up Comedian & Event Manager, Slovenia
»The book is written very gently and with the perfect sense of humour. At the same time, it goes deep into our consciousness and lets us know where the real challenges are.« – Sandra Leen, Editor, Austria
»This is a book for men and women. It is a subtle guide for awakening a woman's hidden potentials with the help of a man's love and helps men and women to understand each other better. The author wrote: "Femininity by itself that man's true love could awaken is complex … the way of awakening, however, not so much. Enjoy!« – Romana Kofler, Programme Officer, United Nations
Not everybody will read and understand this book, but for those who will, their lives will be changed. – Blanka Šabec, Shiatzu Master, Slovenia
“Don't expect to read a technical guide on how to handle your woman. There are already too many of those. You will read about how to love your woman and how she can love you. This path is called unconditional love.” – Karmen Šarlah, MSc in Biology, Slovenia
“The book was entertaining and very easy to read. The talented author shows her courage and boldness by revealing the most hidden places of a woman's soul. Ladies, if you want to understand your struggles and get to know your true self, start reading this book. Gentlemen, if you want to please your better half and enjoy your relationship, let the author take you on a journey of revealing the path to your woman's heart.” – Sanda Jerman, Account Manager, Slovenia
»An exciting perspective and finally something valuable and useful for us men. – Bojan Serčič, Driving Instructor, Slovenia
»Written with respect for men, full of helpful advice and amusing real-life examples. However, women will also gain from reading this book. – Dušan Grabrovec, Project Engineer, Austria
»I've learned quite a few things from many long-term relationships I had with men in my life, yet the book revealed stuff I didn't know. It is hard to believe that such a young author was able to discover the genuine truth. While reading the book, I was able to reflect on myself and my experience with men.« – Milena Simić, Seminar Facilitator, Austria