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About Awakening Her

Awakening Her is a book on a very special mission.


To gently help men understand that their powerful love has the ability to make women find their FEMININITY and create a complete circle of unity, which many couples long for. Men have the key, women have the treasure, and the map is hidden in the chapters of this book.


As I began writing, ideas found their way into my head, intertwining with ideas that were there to begin with. The book is a combination of not only my own experiences and relationships, but also the relationships of people that have shared their stories with me. It also comes from the knowledge I gained from reading existing bestsellers about relationships that include findings from experts and researchers on male and female relationships around the world.Awakening Her is a result of the world around me. Ideas and information simply appeared in my mind and forced their way into this book. At times, writing this book was like walking along an unknown path and confronting life lessons. It took a lot of effort to capture those lessons on paper and to organize them into the combination of philosophy, psychology, and everyday life that this book represents. ” — Maja Monrue

The book was based on the author’s irresistible desire to help men understand women and recognize their powerful ability that can awaken the beauty and grace of the women they share their life with.

The magic is hidden in words.
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