Maja Monrue

I am a Slovenian author, and Millennial woman currently living in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

My mission is to share with people my intuitive messages about true love. Not about the one in fairy tales but about real, deep, and unconditional love which we almost do not believe anymore. It exists. I am not a psychologist, and I do not claim to know everything. However, there are two things that I master brilliantly: observing the world around me and putting my findings into words in a way that the reader feels comfortable with. That is how my intuitive books Awakening Her and F.A.Y.N. are written. They are not guides nor fiction but hybrids rather. They are both influenced by philosophy, psychology, and everyday life.

Awakening Her was my first serious writing project. I created it with love and inspiration based on the substantial need to explain to men the essence of loving a modern woman. And F.A.Y.N. is the second book, translated into English and available in PDF and ePUB. It is the book in which I extend the philosophy of the Awakening Her from the woman’s essence to the essence of the human being. It is a concise book full of self-awareness questions. It is like a book that acts as a life coach.

I graduated from the University of Economics and Business in Maribor in Entrepreneurship with a bachelor’s thesis, “Entrepreneurship for Women – The Impact of the Entrepreneurial Engagement on Life Satisfaction”.

“Vienna waits for you,” said Billy Joel. For me, Vienna was the place of new beginnings, new inspiration, and deep self-awareness; “I am a writer,” I admitted to myself and wrote my first book, which also happens to be the best book for men (and women) at this time. However, after returning to my home country, as a single mother of a three-year-old, I felt a strong need to continue exploring and writing about existence, love, and remarkable moments of joy in our lives. I founded F.A.Y.N. – Freedom is Awakening Yourself Now – a project in which I am presenting a new philosophy of looking to our personal growth. The focus of F.A.Y.N. is to look for joy (not suffering) within things that make us stronger. A path of searching for ourselves shall be fun and joyful, not hard and painful.

Additionally, I am a member of Impact Hub Vienna and the author of the collection of fairy tales Leto pravljic (A year of fairy tales). I love petting cows and reading books (of course). My favourite food is dumplings with plums, and I cannot resist drinking freshly squeezed orange juice whenever possible. I find the greatest joy in speaking with people about life, reading bedtime stories to my son, and loving with the whole heart.

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